Sometimes we reach a point in life when we are thankful for what has been given to us and the desire to reciprocate takes over. We wish to help those less fortunate in some way. That was the spirit which led the beginning of SANKALP’s journey way back in year 2010.

The founders of SANKALP paid frequent visits to orphanages, old age homes, and centres for differently abled persons in and around Durg, Bhilai, Raipur region and mobilized resources for that less fortunate stratum of the society during early 2010.

Placing children at the centre stage of its initiatives, the founders of SANKALP committed themselves to work for education of underprivileged children as they found it was the core area and key element impacting human development issues like poverty, healthcare, unemployment etc. The founders shared the belief that education is a critical requisite and an effective catalyst for social and economic change in society.

The founders tried to rope in likeminded people and floated the idea of working together for a greater cause but contrary to their expectations the responses were initially lukewarm. The first few meetings were poorly responded. However, despite all such hurdles, the founders relentlessly surveyed the rural villages of the region and understood the scope of the work, they wanted to undertake.

By late 2010, many people have started believing in the founder’s idea, and gradually one after another, many people volunteered to work for the cause of education with founders. In the meeting held on 18.09.2010, it was decided to form a society with an objective of working for the cause of education of underprivileged children and the founders got “SANKALP EK PRAYAS SOCIETY” registered under CG Society Registration Adhiniyam on 15.03.2011.

The group was named SANKALP to represent the commitment which had brought these individuals together and the hope that they aimed to bring into the lives of children in India.

SANKALP started by a person……..second joined…….third came…and the never ending journey continued. Thanks to the effort of a lot of people SANKALP has surpassed our initial aspirations.

Today, SANKALP has galvanized a number of volunteers who take personal interest in identifying and executing education-related projects and supporting them through funds and other means. In SANKALP, we have a high degree of freedom in our activities including the identification, support and ownership of projects.

SANKALP is all about people – it is a testament to the determination and will of individuals coming together as a team and making things work. Every individual that has touched SANKALP be the members, be volunteers have made SANKALP what it is today – and SANKALP is thoroughly grateful for every contribution.