Funding Partners

Our Funding Partner

NTPC SAIL POWER COMPANY LIMITED (NSPCL) is a premier joint venture company of NTPC Limited and SAIL. NSPCL presently operates three Captive Power Plants (CPP) – one each located at Durgapur Steel Plant (SAIL-DSP) Rourkela Steel Plant (SAIL-RSP) and Bhilai Steel Plant (SAIL- BSP) respectively. To meet the power requirement of Bhilai Steel Plant and other units of SAIL, NSPCL has implemented an expansion project (2 units of 250 MW) at Bhilai.

Social welfare and community development is at the core of NSPCL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy and it continues to be a top priority for this Company. NSPCL CSR revolves around the company’s deeply-held belief in the principle of symbiotic relationship with the local communities, recognizing that NSPCL’s business ultimately has a purpose – to serve human needs. NSPCL plants/stations attempt to bring around qualitative changes in neighbouring villages.

While implementing various initiatives NSPCL has been thoroughly aware of the pivotal role of education, health, employability enhancement training etc. in sustainable development and supports SANKALP EK PRAYAS SOCIETY under its CSR policy.

SANKALP EK PRAYAS is a catalyst that works with NSPCL in undertaking in social initiatives. SANKALP helps NSPCL in strengthening its CSR programmes by letting NSPCL adopt, initiate or partner SANKALP’s educational projects. The uniqueness of NSPCL- SANKALP parternering lies in its working model which seeks sustainability, scalability, accountability and transparency. SANKALP’s has an audit and evaluation mechanism to ensure right use of money which ultimately contribute a huge “Social Return on Investment”.

NSPCL also incurs SANKALP costs such as stationery, office furniture, basic amenities, cost of travel, trainings, and so on. By partnering with SANKALP to underwrite its organizational expenses, NSPCL allows SANKALP to focus on its programmes, thereby NSPCL-SANKALP endeavour to create lasting change.