National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and Open Basic Education (OBE)

The programme focuses to provide alternate means of schooling – open schooling- to Street and Working Children (SWC), who are not privileged enough to receive education through formal schools. The programme project aims to extend education to the ones who on account of poverty and destitution cannot finish their schooling and drop out in the middle. The project of NIOS/OBE aims to reach the unreached, comprising of school drop-outs, out-of-school SWC, poor youth and all those who are left out of the mainstream formal education system on account of poverty and lack of opportunity.

Rationale Target Group
  • SWC (Street and Working Children) who can’t afford to go to formal school
  • SWC who have dropped out of school
  • Children who were left out on account of poverty and lack of opportunity.


In the 3-level Open Basic Education Program, instructions offered in the levels of A, B and C are equivalent to the formal school’s standard of III, V and VIII respectively.

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