Ongoing Projects


The flagship programme of SANKALP “supplementary/ complementary education programme” provides free education to children in economically backward rural areas. The programme primarily works with underprivileged and deserving students through after-school support centers which run in evening/morning. Mostly, the parents of these children are laborers, farmers, and domestic helps and are unable to support the educational needs of their children. The inability of parents to guide their children coupled with their illiteracy adds to the poor performance in their studies.

SANKALP provides 04 hours classes in Science, Math and English for marginalized children through our SANKALP Center in rural areas of Bhilai/Durg. In all these areas, the academic level of children is much below the national average and the children need remedial education. SANKALP has been able to enhance their academic level by approx 26% through SANKALP centers. SANKALP conducts monthly test in three subjects and monitor progress for all such children on regular basis.