Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

SANKALP ensures to ensure and promote best management practices, compliance of law and adherence to best possible ethical standards. The entire management processes and practices of SANKALP are in compliance with the principles of Good Governance.

Good Governance – “Sankalp & Partners”

  • Selection criteria based on long-term strategy and values
  • Selection norms and processes designed for transparency
  • Participative, documented and audited funding support sanctioning system
  • Data-driven, participative planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • financial and impact parameters – process and outcome
  • Internal and external audits – financial and programmatic

Good Governance – “Sankalp & Donors”

  • Comprehensive reporting to donors and supporters
  • Proactive transparency
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Values, ethics screening
  • Norm and best practice bench-marking across non-profit sectors

Good Governance – “Sankalp & Volunteers/Office Bearers”

  • Mission-centric performance planning and evaluation
  • Conflict of interest and ethics policies
  • Democratic, participative, transparent decision-making
  • Formal and informal feedback mechanisms and forums
  • Documentation and independent audit
  • Consistent adherence to mission and values led ethos and culture