Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SANKALP EK PRAYAS SOCIETY was established in the year 2010. It was registered under CHATTISGARH SOCIETY REGISTRIKARAN ADHINIYAM, 1973 in year 2011. (REGISTRATION NO 20810 DATED 15.03.2011).

There are people all over who are concerned about the situation of children and who want to do something to change it. However, their own commitments and pressures do not allow them to go out and directly work with children. SANKALP provides them the opportunity to help in whatever way they can. SANKALP believes, they can contribute……………………. When everybody comes together and pitches in, no task is impossible. This COLLECTIVE ACTION has an impact and brings about change. Every individual’s contribution is important. This is the fundamental principle on which SANKALP functions.

SANKALP EK PRAYAS SOCIETY work towards the implementation of welfare initiatives for the underprivileged children. We mainly address the causes of education of underprivileged children living in rural villages.

Education alone is the power that can redeem the poor from their poverty – not only in terms of earning a livelihood but also becoming aware of the rights and freedoms that a citizen is endowed with, thus SANKALP believes empowering them through education make them self-dependant beyond doubt.

As on date, SANKALP does not get any financial support from the Government.

SANKALP would not be able to run successfully without the active support of various individuals/corporate/institutions/organizations in its work. In fact, the majority of our core funding comes from monthly contributions from its members. Our main sources are our Monthly Membership Scheme and need based contributions from members. Besides, at present, SANKALP also gets financial support from corporates.

In addition to financial donations, we accept clothes, furniture, household items, and many other useful items.

SANKALP is a volunteer driven organization. Today SANKALP has 180 members, 60 active volunteers and several supporters.

It most certainly does. A small amount goes a long way. Taken together, it is these seemingly small contributions that collectively add up to a large amount needed to effect change.

We encourage you to visit the projects we partner, so that you can experience the various ways to which your resources are being put.

Our selection process is based on the values of trust, transparency, partnership and accountability. SANKALP team works to understand beneficiaries’ needs, ensures resources are optimally used through regular budgeting and reporting systems aided by auditing by specialized chartered accountants in this sector.

SANKALP organizational costs comprise of Raising donations/ Selecting, monitoring, evaluating and providing supports and inputs to projects/ Creating public awareness on our children’s education and their rights/ Support activities like administration, human resources, communication, information technology and financial management/ and expenses in arranging office equipment, furniture, information technology support as well as media and advertising expenses.

I would like to view your annual report to know how you raise and disburse resources?

Donations from individuals are the mainstay of SANKALP’s fundraising efforts. We make all attempts to enlist each of the concerned individuals who come from every walk of life. To enable us do this, we send direct appeals, updates via snail mail and email.

We also use other avenues like face-to-face awareness programme to reach out to individuals. Each of SANKALP’s representative will carry with them an identification card clearly stating that she/he is a SANKALP representative along with the SANKALP logo.

Should you like more information on SANKALP or would like to confirm the identity of the representative or any specific detail in his/ her presence, you may please contact SANKALP Office. If you have any queries that have not been addressed or require clarification on any of the information provided, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through e-mail/phone or direct visit.