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Voices of SANKALP


“It is my good luck to be associated with SANKALP. It will be my pleasure if I can continue helping in promoting and spreading the activities of SANKALP.” -SHRI S. K. SAMAL, MEMBER, SANKALP

“Please take care of the poor children. They are the future of our beautiful country. Unluckily they didn’t get the facility which they deserve. They also have dreams of their own. My best wishes for them and also to SANKALP.” -SHRI SRINIVAS PANDA, MEMBER, SANKALP

“It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction in contributing for the underprivileged children who deserves right education. It also gives me a good feeling that my little contribution brings happiness to the children.” -MS. BHAWANA NAIK, MEMBER-SANKALP

“I believe that education, not just literacy, is the tool for cleansing all social evils. With the power of education, we can eradicate poverty, health issues, behaviour, or anything for that matter.” -SHRI D AJAY KUMAR, MEMBER-SANKALP

“I chose to be a member of the SANKALP team because it envisions a prospect to contribute to a better, healthier and an enlightened world for needy members of our society.” -SHRI TAPAS MAJUMDAR, MEMBER-SANKALP

This is just the beginning as a small drop from my side. I will try my best to share more with SANKALP. I wish children should study hard and dream to reach pinnacle of success in life. They must also become good human being and persons with ideal human values. -SHRI DIWAKAR GUPTA, MEMBER-SANKALP

We all joined a cause because we believed in it. Along the path, we tend to get disheartened due to various reasons – System, Our own group not responding etc etc. Well I would say that, since we believe in our cause let us just put in whatever effort we can garner without caring about anything else. Time surely will change. -SHRI SHIVRAJ KUMAR, MEMBER-SANKALP

Everyone in his or her own way can help in creating a difference by sensitizing people about education. You don’t need an inspirational story or a life-changing experience to start something good. Do start volunteering in whichever way possible and you’ll feel proud of yourself and the world around you. -SHRI KARUNESH KUMAR MISHRA, MEMBER-SANKALP

It’s an act of volunteering- you can give as much or as little as you want, but each small effort can bring in a smile to a child, which is priceless. A volunteer may not be able to bring about a big change, but he can certainly bring in a hope for one. -SHRI SIPPY ARYA, MEMBER-SANKALP


SANKALP is capable of reaching out to needy children. Needless to mention, all these are our collective endeavours! – SHRI M BALACHANDRAN, MEMBER-SANKALP

“In this world no child is born imperfect. Every life is a blessing and a hope for mankind. Education is the primary catalyst which transforms ignorance to hope as Swami Vivekananda had long back said – “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.” -SHRI DIPANKAR NANDY, SUPPORTER -SANKALP

“I have been highly convinced by the important issues that SANKALP speaks of in its effort to spread the light of education amongst the children of the underprivileged population.” –SHRI R. K. GUPTA, SUPPORTER-SANKALP

We are here to being in a permanent solution to issues. So if you are looking to satisfy your conscience, SANKALP may not be the place for you. Working at SANKALP requires perseverance and selflessness. Achieving results is not easy; sometimes you may end up achieving nothing on paper. But remember, we learn out of every experience, and when you bring a change, you’ll bring a change that lasts. Everyone at SANKALP has the unique opportunity to be part of history. -SHRI PANKAJ KUMAR SINGH, MEMBER-SANKALP

Come and work. Just discussion will not bear the fruits unless you put your feet down to work yourself for child’s right. -SHRI ABDUL WASEEM, MEMBER-SANKALP

Not all children are as fortunate as we were as a kid. There are so many children in our country whose childhood is stolen from them because of the various reasons like corruption, norms, policies, ignorance, etc. We at SANKALP are fighting for the childhood of these less fortunate children so that we can provide them what is their basic right. The happiness and satisfaction which you get from such a noble cause can’t be explained, it can only be experienced. -SHRI A. A. PRASAD, MEMBER-SANKALP

It’s a slow and steady change, and one should not give up at any point in time. Taking the system and other slack parties head-on requires courage, which any volunteer of SANKALP exhibits. Let’s use what we have to advantage, to get those who are not as privileged, a chance. -SHRI ARUN VARSHNEY, MEMBER-SANKALP

I thank my stars to be born in a family where I had all the elements for my education and care that I needed. I guess this is true for all the families in the middle and higher income group. Many of us had a memorable and blissful childhood. But not all children are so blessed like us. I think a little bit of contribution from all of us can not only ensure them their right to proper education but also ensure their future. If one child out of a poor family stands up on his own feet, he can pull out his whole family and coming generations out of their miseries. -SHRI AVIJIT DUTTA, MEMBER-SANKALP

My experience with SANKALP has been a very fulfilling one. It’s not just about the kind of work you do, but also about the way you carry out the work, and the spirit which is inculcated in you. The best part of SANKALP is that you get to make a change at the most fundamental level, and even the smallest contribution can go a long way forward in making a difference. -SHRI J. SENSARMA, MEMBER-SANKALP

Every child is unique. God’s gift. It is the duty of each of us to ensure that they get their rights. We were lucky enough to go to good schools, study in good colleges, and look forward for a bright future. By just contributing a small portion of our free time, we can make a world of a difference in their life. Being volunteers at SANKALP, we get to work directly for and with the children. The satisfaction and contentment one feels on helping a child go to a better education is beyond everything. Come and give it a try once and then decide. Just a few hours can change someone’s life. -SHRI ARUP SARKAR, MEMBER-SANKALP

I just want to say that it’s not so difficult to take out few hours in week for some social work. Indirectly we are helping our nation and as a responsible citizen it’s our duty to look beyond our personal point of view. We should be ready to help others and specially childrens. -SHRI G. S. MANDLOI, MEMBER-SANKALP

Everyone, with or without privileges, must stand up against any wrong doing happening around them, so that the world is a better place to live in for everyone. And educating every child is the first step. After all, they are the future of the world and only after helping them we can be sure that the future of the world is in safe hands. -SHRI BUDDHDEV SARKAR, MEMBER-SANKALP

Sankalp Officials

EDUCATION AS SANKALP’s DELIVERY VEHICLE: Our society is enriched with people with willingness and capabilities to change lives. However our daily lives get us engrossed completely. All it takes is that spark which makes us take a pause and do that little from our side; which means a life to someone. -P. C. GUPTA, PRESIDENT, SANKALP

“MULTIPLIER EFFECT” IS AT THE HEART OF SANKALP’S: When you educate an underprivileged child, you effectively alter the course of his or her life for the better. And, by so doing, you also give that person the power to favourably impact others… starting with members of his or her immediate family. Persist, and a whole generation can be affected by your initiative.The recognition of this “multiplier effect” is at the heart of SANKALP’s operating philosophy. –SMT NEETA SENSARMA, VICE PRESIDENT, SANKALP

REFLECTION OF DESIRE: – Each of our endeavours reflects our desire to generate SANKALP everywhere! -SHRI B. ARVIND, JT GEN SECRATERY, SANKALP

SANKALP IS ABOUT DUTY: – “I feel duty bound to support SANKALP in its endeavours.” -MS. ANJALI SINGHAL, TREASURER-SANKALP