Why Sankalp

Why Sankalp

SANKALP identifies itself with following elements which makes it a trustworthy organization.

  • SANKALP is working for basic necessities of education.
  • SANKALP is a movement that empowers the individual to make a positive difference in the life of an underprivileged child.
  • SANKALP is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization that believes in financial transparency and accountability. It holds ethical and professional standards in all of its awareness and fundraising activities.
  • SANKALP is a professionally run volunteer driven organization with no hidden agendas/ulterior motives. SANKALP has an extensive volunteer network who hold themselves to the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • SANKALP deals with projects that are directly working with underprivileged children. SANKALP ensures that 100% donations reach the child.

Self accomplishment

By associating with SANKALP, supporters/volunteers/donors help the underprivileged children and by doing so they become a part of the change they want to see. SANKALP provides information to the supporters/volunteers/donors every information in respect to the activity being administered, the expenditure and financial status on real time basis.


Our supporters/volunteers/donors may want their association in the change process; hence, we provide them the impact analysis covering various centres which make them aware of the changes being introduced with their contribution. Our impact analysis basically covers the differences SANKALP has introduced in the lives of the children.


SANKALP believes in complete transparency and we ensure that every information which our supporters/volunteers/donors may be interested to know, would be communicated through regular e mail and leaflets.

Making them feel as change agent

We make our supporters/volunteers/donors feel that they do not constitute the lot who are complaining about the lack of change or the speed of change rather they are people who initiate change.


SANKALP is a registered NGO which has been registered under Society Registration Adhiniyam. SANKALP has successfully undertaken 20 projects and covered 1200 children under its endeavour. The audited reports for every year since inception are available and can be demanded.

Reaching intended recepients

SANKALP is a unique kind of system wherein supporters/volunteers/donors would get to know where their donations are being utilized. SANKALP encourages our supporters/volunteers/donors to visit with or without information and sense the effective utilization of their money in the process of change. SANKALP constantly encourages supporters/volunteers/donors to ask for more details.