Rehabilitating Children

Rehabilitating Street and Working Children Abusing Substances

Research studies show that children living and working on streets are vulnerable to substance abuse. They consume gutkha – preparation of crushed betel nut, tobacco, catechu, paraffin and slaked lime – and sniff diluters such as whitener, petrol and other similar substances. They practice it to counter their emotional anxiety, to bear physical and emotional pain, extreme weather conditions of heat and cold, and to fend off the foul odor of garbage at their work place. In the backdrop of these facts, it is imperative for the empowerment of SWC (Street and Working Children) to help them come out of such habits.

Program Objective
  • To rehabilitate children abusing substances
  • To develop an effective intervention model
  • To create awareness about the issue amongst children and stakeholders

Regular counseling sessions both with individuals and groups are essential aspects of the programme. The programme comprises of an array of other activities, such as: identification of new children indulging substance abuse, establishing strong rapport with all the substance-abusing children, assessment of their perception and needs and organizing activities like life, heath camps, counseling with parents, parent meetings, etc. Education is also provided to these children through the system of non-formal education.

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