Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Project – “Saath Saath” – Girl’s Education Programme

Women in India have two sides to them – they are worshipped in the form of Goddesses on one side, while on the other they face exploitation, discrimination, and even threat to their survival. Project “SAATH SAATH” aims at important issue of improvements in access to and quality of education for girls, especially among poor, marginalised and vulnerable girls. The “SAATH SAATH” – campaign, being initiated by SANKALP, is a step in this direction to prioritize girls’ education as a very significant issue as SANKALP believes that working towards their development and empowerment will give back in countless ways to improve the lives of their families, communities and nations at large.

The project shall work with marginalised girl’s children for ensuring completion of their education. The goal of the programme shall be girl’s enrollment and completion of quality primary and secondary education. The project shall also help them in acquiring the skills they need to access decent life and to provide them space to become active citizens of our nation.

Project – “Apna Jahan Hai Sabse Pyara” – Moral Education Programme

SANKALP team is developing course curriculum for children from Class I to Class X aiming at instilling the element of pride and honour among the tender age children. SANKALP believes a nation can only grow when the children feels a sense of pride being a member of Great India. The courses are being developed to introduce them with great Indian history, values, and sacrifices which have this led our India to stand high against all odds. The volunteers of SANKALP shall be attached with SANKALP centers for delivering /executing the designed objective from next academic session. The courses are designed at different layers in order to ensure they are introduced with many facets of national heroism.

  • The project shall cover 1200 children in year 2014-15.
  • The project shall be operation from 01.07.2014.

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and Open Basic Education (OBE):

The programme shall focus to provide alternate means of schooling – open schooling- to Street and Working Children (SWC), who are not privileged enough to receive education through formal schools. The programme project aims to extend education to the ones who on account of poverty and destitution cannot finish their schooling and drop out in the middle. The project of NIOS/OBE aims to reach the unreached, comprising of school drop-outs, out-of-school SWC, poor youth and all those who are left out of the mainstream formal education system on account of poverty and lack of opportunity.

Rationale Target Group

  • SWC (Street and Working Children) who can’t afford to go to formal school
  • SWC who have dropped out of school
  • Children who were left out on account of poverty and lack of opportunity.

In the 3-level Open Basic Education Program, instructions offered in the levels of A, B and C are equivalent to the formal school’s standard of III, V and VIII respectively.

The Library Program

SANKALP intends to operate libraries through its educational centres. The children shall be encouraged to adopt the habit of learning and sharing. The regular home visits to encourage parents to send their children to the libraries shall be done. Parent teacher meetings would also conducted to ensure regular involvement of children.