Success Stories

Sankalp Success Stories

Govinda, Date Of Birth- 06.04.2007, Class-I

Govinda says, “If I study, I aspire to be a teacher when I grow up”. Govinda broke all previous record of his school achieving 99.5% msark in his annual examination in academic year 2013-14. Apart from excelling in studies, Govinda is doing very well in sports and extra curricular activities.

Govinda has made us realize the magnitude or significance of what India necessarily requires. He has shown us that with the right opportunity and support, a child can go the distance, in just three years from being a child labourer, he has transformed himself as a merit scholar with every possible growth path opening up in front of him.

Govinda’s parents are daily wage earners whose monthly income is Rs. 5000. They shared their sentiment prior to Govinda’s enrollment under SANKALP’s Child Education Sponsorship Programme.

Whatever they got on daily basis was not sufficient even for a single meal in a day. They did not even know if they would get their next meal since it totally depended on whether they would get the next day job. His father further added that he wished his son gets proper education but due to paucity of funds he was unable to give his son proper schooling.

Govinda’s day begins at 6.00 am with his school. After school he has his meals and rushes for Mr. X residence and spends the rest of the day brushing up homework and the next day’s subject. He also spends time on computer and is fond of gardening and watching Ninja Hatori on TV (Cartoon Show). His sibling has also caught up with Govinda and has started accompanying him to school.

Govinda’s excellent performance brought pride to Shri X (Name kept anonymous to respect the privacy desired by this SANKALP member who is sponsoring the education etc of Govinda. Mr. X desires to fulfill Govinda’s desire to become a teacher. He sponsors Govinda’s schooling and entire related expenses through SANKALP EK PRAYAS.

We salute Govinda, and many more like him and all those like Mr. X who have worked with SANKALP to make the impossible possible.

Computers; Tejeshvini’s New Best Friend

Tejeshvini Sahu is a 13-year-old class VII girl from the NARTHI centre of SANKALP. Her desire for computer awareness was extremely high. But there were no trained teachers who could adequately instruct her on how to properly operate computer systems in her locality.

Her fascination with computers inspired SANKALP to begin its first computer teaching programme. SANKALP started basic computer skills through a programme called “JAHAN KE SAATH SAATH”. Not only are children taught the basics, but they also learn to work in MS Office environment.

Tejeshvini is happy now. She is now equipped to easily operate and navigate herself around a computer as well as being adept at using Microsoft Office software.

My Experience At Sankalp Centres, Shri A A Prasad, Member & Volunteer, Sankalp

My name is A A Prasad and I am a member of SANKALP. I work as an Additional General Manager in NTPC. I would like to share my recent experience at a SANKALP centre. I was very fortunate to be a part of the group from SANKALP which was entrusted the responsibility of ensuring availability of stationery to SANKALP children. This was my first visit to SANKALP centres and I had a remarkable experience. Many days have passed, and I can still feel the bliss within.

As we reached the centre, the children looked very excited and surrounded us. They were eager to see the kit we had brought for them. The children looked genuinely happy and excited. Their joy was infectious as I couldn’t hold back my smiles while I was giving them their kit. Once all the packets were distributed, the children started unwrapping the packets and their smiles were now beams. They looked exhilarated as they got their kit.

My joy knew no bounds when I saw them extremely happy with drawing books, instruments box and General Knowledge books. I had made the right decision in visiting the SANKALP centres and distributing the kits to SANKALP children. It was an incredibly amazing experience for me, and it really was “Joy to the World” for me.

Ms. Deepshikha Gupta, Member & Volunteer, SANKALP

How did you come to know about SANKALP?
Through a close friend of mine who was also volunteering for SANKALP.

Tell us about your personal front.
I am a B Tech by qualification and a Electrical Engineer by profession.

I personally believe that through proper education only we can find solution for most of the problems in our country. I came to know about SANKALP. I was pretty impressed the way the activities of SANKALP are conducted and got myself registered in SANKALP as a member.

Life before and after SANKALP. It simply has changed the way I look at things now.

Message to fellow volunteers. I would like to convey to my fellow volunteers that – LOVE always can make anything happen. LOVE the Children, because, they are the Children of God.

Shri Shipi Arya, Member & Volunteer, SANKALP

When did you join SANKALP and why?
One fine day, there came a group from SANKALP that brought in enthusiasm into me. They invited me for a visit to SANKALP centre and finally, when I visited, I found a platform, for real, true service to complete myself as a human being.

Tell us about your experience with children at SANKALP.
As an SANKALP volunteer, I used to meet children. I saw a personality in them which I really admired – A Gandhi, A Subash Chandra Bose, A Pandit Nehru and many more…………

Life before and after SANKALP.
Satisfaction, Satisfaction and Satisfaction. Before SANKALP I always felt far from the earth, and only now, I understand, the importance of life, only now, I have made my life worth to live… … now, I can proudly declare, I am living and not merely exist in the world.

Message to fellow volunteers.
Every minute at SANKALP matters. Value, treasure and spread it.

Shri Srinivas Panda, Member & Volunteer, SANKALP

What prompted you to be a part of SANKALP?
I always wanted to contribute to the society, become a part of social awareness and change. I had always aspired to be that one person who can influence the needy and steer them in the positive direction. I came across SANKALP’s endeavour and registered myself. I just knew, they teach children and that’s all it mattered. Because I love children. This prompted me to join SANKALP and now I am here for 3 years now.

Now that you have almost completed three years with SANKALP, what differences do you see in yourself as a volunteer?
Experience is the best teacher, I have learnt, changed and evolved a lot during these years, as a SANKALPian. The wisdom gained is vast. As I got to know the children, I learnt to adapt myself to their various mood swings, expectations and energy levels and decide on the activities accordingly, as SANKALP is all about the effectiveness of activities conducted. I do think that SANKALP is one massive difference in my life.

How has SANKALP affected your life?
SANKALP has affected my life greatly. Initially, it started out as a social service but it has grown out to be a passion.

A message to fellow volunteers.
DO WHAT YOU CAN, WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, WHERE YOU ARE. Live such that when your children think about fairness, caring and integrity, they think of YOU.

The children learn from us, not only from the lessons we teach but also from the way we behave. So we have the responsibility to be perfect and idealistic and set good examples for them. They reciprocate and reproduce our actions, and so we must encourage them.